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India is well known for its brilliant and vibrant colors in designing garments color block fashion is one of the hottest new brands for the season. Color blocking is all about combining bold and bright colors to create a striking and confident look for any occasion. It simply means creating an outfit by putting areas or blocks of solid color next to each other which must synchronize and harmonize perfectly. It is not a new trend as such but is definitely back with a big bang. Color blocking is eye catching, dynamic and sizzling. If you want to add colot to the outfit, there is no other way better to do so than the use of color blocking. Match unpredictable colors together but not random. It is not about the rainbow look, but about 3-4 colors popping out, creating the whole new dimensions of clothing scheme. (So be ready for our striking color block collection which includes tunics, skirts, fitted outfits, jackets and so on designed with satin and velvet fabrics. Unusual color combos and the vivid colors that what make you look modern and youthful.)
Teena Panjwani
Sweta Bothra
Asmita Amalseda
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