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Elves & Demons
Elves are known as the people of the stars and type of supernatural being in mythology. They have magical abilities, super powers, helping, caring and capable enough to protect us from the darkness. We just have to be positive and keep faith in them so that everything goes on the right path. Demons are devils, dark monsters, shadowy who are powerful, energetic, at night. They are full of negative energies who midead humans and throe them into the darkness to make them bad humans. (Our thrilling collection under the name “Elves and Demons” showcases the ultimate and striking designs which will make your heads turn around. Attires are bifurcated in such a manner that one side shows positivity and other shows negativity. Positivity is shown with the help of owl feathers, horns, devilish look, chains, metallic rings with dark colors. So, hold onto your breathe because this artistic collection will mesmerize you all with brilliant touch in it.)
Chintal Patel
Priynka Varma
Payal Sarda
Sweety jain
Swati Sharma
Swati Sharma
Ashwin Prajapati
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