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IDT-International Design Technology

Institute of Design & Technology has organized their 2016 annual collection show in the name FASHIONOVA 2016. It’s a vivid range of collection of various themes opted by IDT’s Fashion Designing Students. More than 100 designers are ready with their line of collections of creative themes. There are around 16 themes of rounds in Fashionova with different inspirations. Mainly focused in Forecasting Summer Collection Fall for the year 2017.

Graduating students as well as students for Diploma and Advance Diploma Fashion Designing are the grand designers for Fashionova 2016. Professional models are hired from Mumbai and will be choreographed by famous Fashion Choreographer. Mentoring session has been on the array from March. Famous Fashion Designer Salim Asgarally is mentoring IDT’s young designers the pioneer of Indian Fashion industry that has shaped fashion with his own unique label. The fun and enriched natured designer mended our young designers will the fullness of fabrics to showcase their innovations through their magical fingers for Fashionova 2016.

IDT presents to you “Fashionova 2016” for the first time with wide range of themes. Fashionova 2016 says, “Make everyday ordinary into everyday extraordinary” which means there are more ordinary days in life then why not make them special by wearing cute and stylish outfits. It brings to you tempting quality with a mixture of trend and style. The future designers are among us only. All we have to do is to choose the right path and channelize our high spirits with the best of facilities available. Every success is born of a dream which begins the dreamer. We bring to our students today’s world and they create their world of tomorrow.

Fashion is all about sensuality which can be seen in our creations. Fashionova 2016 presents to you 16 new themes like Cool in Pool, Puffy Duffy, It suits u Girl!, New Age of Aquarius, Hippie Wippie, Bridezila, Mystrical Goddess, Margarita Drapes, Horn ok Please, Blurred Ultraviolet Jungle, Traditional Line, Diva Squad, Infinity, Pop Art Block, Crystal Palace, Enchanted Ice, . Our collection is fusion of trendy western outfit with an elegant traditional ensemble. The ethnic attires symbolize the essence of purity and represent the rich tradition of India. So, we gonna mesmerize you all with our thrilling, innovative and artistic creations which will be remembered for its great beauty and charming look.

The designers are ready with their innovative cuts & style. The hard work and support that has helped the entire team of grooming Fashionova will be blessed with grace. Mainly conceived and derived to promote the performing skills of Talented Designers with their exposing designs through their Annual Fashion Event the FASHIONOVA 2016. This is an open platform to exchange their inbuilt fashion forecasts, creativity and attitude towards the fashion acknowledgers and fashion loving audience. Just remember “Fashion has no extent & also Fashion Never Ends”.