Digital Textile Printing

Digital Textile Printing (6 Months)

Have you ever wanted to design a piece of fabric for a special project? With digital textile printing, you can! Digital textile printing is the process of adding colorful designs to many kinds of fabric by using digital inkjet printing technology.

It offers fast paced results with visual impact. Unlike conventional printing methods, it enables your designs to be reproduced accurately and without the loss of subtle or intricate detailing.

This course will introduce digital print for textiles adding colorful designs to many kinds of fabric by using digital inkjet printing technology.

Throughout the course you will develop your own ideas using a variety of media sources, viz., drawings, painting or photography, as a starting point. You will subsequently manipulate your ideas in Photoshop before finally digitally printing your design onto fabric. On completion of this course, you will have a finished print of your artwork along with your digital creation on a scarf or length of fabric.

This course includes

  • Fundamental Arts :
  • Introduction of drawing tools: Knowledge of Essential Art Drawing Materials.
  • Media, Material and Method-Drawing : Simple exercises for drawing assignments, Practise, Various Techniques. Understanding the quality of objects. Rendering the products.
  • Colour study: Understanding of color and light, Primary and secondary colors, Color wheel and color schemes
  • 2D Designs: Study of Visual Elements, Point, line Planes and shapes Understanding the colour tone, texture Form and space Principals of art design Understanding the colour value, balance, rhythm, proportion etc.
  • 3D Designs: Study of basic 3-D Shapes and forms such as cubes, spheres and cylinders, constructed or molded in different medias like paper, card, soft clay, plaster, wire etc. Positive and Negative spaces.Shade and Light Study.
  • Perspective study: Projection Plan Elevation, Section Drawing,Structural Design,Perspective – Parallel, Angular
  • History of Art: Introduction of world art forms, Art Historical Constructions, Indian Art, western Art, Eastern Art, Middle East Art – Persian Art
  • Textile Design:
  • Introduction of Textile
  • Applied art on Textiles
  • Exploration of the history of material and methods
  • 2D art and design
  • Physical properties of materials
  • Production designs solutions
  • Understand the function of art & design products
  • Understand the role of creativity in the production
  • Presentation of art & design products
  • Design, art and basic design.
  • Exploration of material, media & techniques.
  • Investigating light, form, shape and space
  • Imaginative composition, Illustration and Caricature
  • Working from imagination & themes
  • Exploration of different formats and supports or grounds
  • Mixed Media
  • Study of design element & principles
  • Principles & elements of design
  • Introducing balance, rhythm, emphasis, proportion & scale
  • Investigate the space, line of action, form , texture, light and color.
  • Developing Designs
  • Developing new artworks for textile design
  • Motif, patterns &textures.
  • Print Designs:
  • Basic of computer science application
  • Communication & graphic designs
  • Graphics software & its usage for image creation
  • Basics tools of adobe photoshop & illustrator
  • Advance photoshop for print design
  • Sessional work
  • Creative projects
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