Software Application in Fashion Design

After completion of the course the candidate would be able to work as a Fashion designer/ stylist and would be able to interpret design of fabrics & garment styles using Reach Fashion Studio Software.
ENTRY QUALIFICATION: 10th Pass with skills in sketching & basic computer operation.
DURATION: 580 Hrs.
The programme covers fashion Illustration, 3-D product visualization, texture mapping, color reduction & cleaning, design repeat, color ways, color communication and spec creation of garment styles using fashion software.
Practical Competencies:
  • Practice Health & Safety – select, use, maintain & store – tools, equipments & clothing safely
  • Practice of tools, layout, different effects, bitmap, transformation, group ungroup & order
  • Practice of making croquis with different style
  • Practice of draping on croquis with different dresses
  • Practice of making accessories, Face, Hairstyle, Rendering, Postures
  • Practice of different effect on garments
  • Practice of texture Mapping, texture table, create woven material, set canvas, edit Image
Underpinning Knowledge (Theory):
  • Basic knowledge of Computer
  • Understanding of different retail Formats
  • Knowledge of different tools of Corel draw
  • Knowledge of Illustration through coral draw
  • Knowledge of 3-D designing through Reach Fashion Studio
  • Knowledge of texture Mapping, color reduction, design repeat, color communication, Spec. creation
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