Refund Policy

At IDT (Institute of Design and Technology), we are committed to providing high-quality educational services and resources to our students. As part of our dedication to transparency and clarity, we outline our refund policy below:

  • Refund Policy Overview
    Once a student enrolls and pays fees for a course or program at IDT, all fees paid are considered non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • Reasons for Non-Refundable Policy
    • Resource Allocation
      Upon enrollment, resources such as course materials, instructor time, and administrative support are allocated to the student. These resources are committed upon enrollment and cannot be retrieved or reallocated.
    • Course Access
      Enrolled students gain immediate access to our educational materials and services, including online resources and instructor-led sessions. Due to this instant access, refunds cannot be processed after enrollment.
    • Service Delivery
      Our courses and programs are designed to commence promptly upon enrollment, with scheduled sessions, access to materials, and interaction with instructors and fellow students. As such, the delivery of educational services begins immediately, rendering the fees non-refundable.
  • Exceptions
    In exceptional cases such as technical errors in processing payments or duplicate payments, IDT will review and resolve such issues on a case-by-case basis. Students encountering such problems are encouraged to reach out to our support team for assistance.
  • Cancellation Policy
    While fees are non-refundable, if a student wishes to cancel enrollment before the course or program begins, they must inform IDT's administration at least 7 days before the start date. In such cases, the student will not be liable for further fees beyond the point of cancellation.
  • Contact Us
    For any queries or concerns regarding our refund policy, please feel free to contact our support team at
  • Policy Updates
    IDT reserves the right to update or modify this refund policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes to the policy will be effective immediately upon posting on our website.

By enrolling in any course or program at IDT, students acknowledge and accept the terms of this refund policy.

Thank you for choosing IDT for your educational needs.