Institute provides residential accommodation for girls at Surat.
Procedure to get a Hostel room:
  • All interested students desirous of availing Hostel Accommodation for Surat Campus are required to submit the duly filled Hostel Application Form (Annexure-I) available at the reception / downloaded from Academy’s website (link provided below).
  • Equal vacancies have been created for each Admission Cycle – the accommodation in the hostel shall be granted on the first come – first served basis as per each Admission Cycle based on Hostel fee deposited with Accounts Department.
  • Once all available Hostel Rooms have been allotted, all other applications received will be Wait Listed.
  • Hostel accommodation is allotted on Academic Year basis
  • Importance of Cardinal Directions & extensions,
  • Preference will be given to the outstation students.
  • Hostel accommodation will be offered to other / Waiting List applicants only in case of available vacancies.
Hostel Forms & Documents – Downloads
  • Hostel Application Form (Download)
  • Hostel Rules & Regulations (Download)
  • Hostel Undertaking & Consent Forms (Download)
  • Hostel Leave Form
  • List of Items (Download)
  • General Do’s & Dont’s (Download)
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