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Garment CAD

Pattern System

Personalized PDS functional pattern creation feature, realize a huge library with basic styles available at any time, save and edit existing library can save and minimize designer’s work

Completely solve the repeatable job on designer and pattern designer

Intelligent pen including more than 20 function can do major design and craft work, it also allows to add special function with the right click mouse

Allow data export to word and excel files, in order to fulfill the production and specification sheet editing

Rich and powerful special features, it simplifies the complicated design work for pattern maker. such as box pleat & knife pleat & flouncing tools for, compare patch work, transfer dart, move and rotate adjust quitted stitching, sleeve, crown and armhole notch, inter lining, camera and scanner input pattern.

Special arc, zipper tool, offer professional tools for bag, cap and toy customer etc.

Picture Library including sewing and ironing symbols, quickly recall on to pattern, clearly display for sewing craft work. Able to store usual patterns into library for future projects

Marker System

Excellent compression function to optimize nesting perfectly without changing cutting pieces areas, that improve overall nesting efficiency and save material.

Humanity nesting can save material by overlap a little, rotate little and material border.

Stripes, plaids and checks matching features when marker laying, one-way or two-way marker layout.

Through the Richpeace smart tools, completed marker layout can incorporate the changes to grading paper marker, marker can update the modification effectively.

Accurate material calculation according to different colors, materials and sizes, quickly and precisely report material consumption, tremendous and beneficially with cost effective.

Strategic auto nesting (marker making) with special function tools, such as cap, cross and interlock etc, make accurate and more effective marker making.

Grading System

Automatic grading system : all size and seam are graded automatically on finished pattern basesize according to specific disp requirements.

Whole grading : assistant line can be added for discrete patterns grading.

Irregular size spec grading can be done with given the dimensions directly or proportional grading.

Group grading : grading with multi-sizes and multi-pieces patterns.

Shape grading : patterns with larger curve or arc can be grading without shape changing after grading, it is commonly occur on conventional CAD pattern grading.

Proportional Grading, Assistant Line Grading, Parallel Assistant Lines

Grading and Curve Line Grading etc, all those can simplify the pattern makers complicated work, and higher working efficiency.

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