Interior Designing


Diploma Certificate (1 Year)

Diploma course is a fundamental essential course that develops an instinct in Interior design. It covers rigorous residential designing as well as basic commercial furniture. It conceptualizes the standards and enhances the practical designing.

  • Art of Drafting skill: Lines, Scales, Orthographic Projection, oblique view Isometric View, Axonometric View, one & two point Perspective View
  • Art & Graphics - I: Rendering & Sketching, Color Wheel, Tints, Shades and Tones, color schemes, surface development, Spectrum, Color Psychology, sketches, Composition, Elements of design, Principles of Design, window treatments & lights.
  • Building Construction -I: Foundation, Super structure, Arches and lintels, Brick Bonds, Doors, windows in basic, basic knowledge of Staircase ,False Ceiling
  • Art of Furniture Design - I:Anthropometry & Ergonomics, Standards of Furniture Joinery, Rooms Furniture, Paneling, Partition, Theme based Furniture
  • History- I: Dravidian, Egyptian, Greek, Japanese architecture
  • Material - I: Timber, glass, paints, varnishes,wallpaper, laminates, tiles
  • Art of Studio Design & Model making - I: Two Residential Project with cad drawing of Electric elevation, plan, exterior elevation
  • Estimation: Code of Ethics, Estimate & its types, Estimate of a small Furniture & Full Room, specification, Types of Fees, Rate analysis
  • Market survey: Wood, Glass, tapestry, Flooring and Ceiling, Paints
  • Practical exposure Workshops: Sculpture through metal scrap, Lamp shades, Glass etching, P.O.P mural.
  • Guest lectures Site Visits : Construction, Furniture shops, Bedroom Case study, Material Knowledge, Visit to Modular Kitchen showroom, Tapestry showroom Visit, sanitary showroom Visit (Jaguar)
  • Software: CAD 2D
  • Special Highlight: Participation -Intearc & B.A.S.E Competition
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