Fashion Design Technology

To create technical designers, fashion coordinators, fashion stylists or fashion merchandisers in apparel industry with necessary skills and know how.
ENTRY QUALIFICATION: 12th pass or equivalent
DURATION: 1040 hrs.
The course will provide in-depth knowledge of fashion illustration, styling, fabric study, pattern making, garment construction and fashion merchandising.
Practical Competencies:
  • Practice discipline, hygiene, safety and effective communication
  • Visit to a garment manufacturing unit
  • Understanding elements and principles of design
  • Introduction to pencil shading and flat sketching
  • Nature drawing
  • Using different colouring media
  • Working on different colour schemes
  • Developing a fashion figure
  • Fashion figure stylization
  • Working on a theme and development of mood boards, colour story and swatch boards
  • Theme based illustration
  • Visit to museums/fashion shows & apparel shows
  • Design sheets layout
  • Motif development and preparation of samples of Traditional Indian embroidery
  • Practice of seams, samples and garment components
  • Practice of various exercises on Industrial sewing machine using different work aids and machine attachments
  • Handling different types of fabrics
  • Construction of complete garment: men’s shirt, dress, trouser and T-shirt
  • Identification of common fabrics and flagging
  • Sample preparation of dyeing and printing methods
  • Visit to textile/fabric sourcing hub
  • Measurement checking as per spec sheets
  • Pattern and drafting of basic blocks and development of different styles of sleeves, cuffs, shirts etc.
  • Development of commercial patterns from spec sheets/ tech packs
  • Preparation of time and action plan
  • Merchandising calendar
  • Preparation of cost sheet
  • Detailed garment analysis
Underpinning Knowledge (Theory):
  • Basic communication skills and building industrial vocabulary
  • Understanding of work ethics, importance of discipline, health and hygiene
  • Safety precautions in garment industry
  • Introduction to fashion business and fashion terminology
  • Understanding fashion industry
  • Familiarization with world renowned fashion designers
  • Introduction to fashion retail business
  • Concept of design conceptualization & development
  • Importance of fashion planning and fashion forecasting
  • Concept of colour theory & colour dimensions
  • Concept of 2D & 3D forms
  • Introduction to traditional Indian Textiles & Embroideries
  • Importance of flat sketch and fashion illustration
  • Introduction to seams and stitches
  • Introduction to industrial sewing machines
  • Importance of work aids and machine attachments
  • Textile manufacturing process, Fabric appreciation and sourcing
  • Importance of quality and quality control
  • Introduction to pattern making tools and equipment
  • Knowledge of drafting of basic bodice block, sleeve, shirt and trouser block
  • Development of various styles of collar, sleeves, shirts, cuffs, pockets etc.
  • Understanding the concepts of merchandising
  • Role and responsibilities of merchandiser
  • Introduction to garment costing
  • Export documentation- Inco and payment terms
  • Profile and organizational set up of a garment industry
  • Introduction to garment styles and identification of components and parts
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