Fashion Designing

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Fashion CAD

3D Product Visualization

Production Creation

From a design concept to reality, from a sketch to the sample, the powerful functions of the design software help the designers to enhance their creativity, save their time, reduce the sampling cost and thus shorten the product development cycle.

Rich Peace software can create and present realistic 3D designs, Where one can see a complete virtual fashion show on computer rather than making actual samples and hiring models which is more time consuming and much more expensive.

Color Ways

Easily Create your Seasons’ Design & then simply drag and drop colors into Place. Drag colors from multiple palettes to design. You can automatically make multiple color ways on screen as you like, making it easy to compare and share.

Texture Mapping

System provides easy and direct way to get the realistic 3D simulations by dragging and dropping the expected fabric onto the real pictures. You can also make extremely accurate definition of the size and position of your fabric as per your requirement. The 3D mapping makes management rationalization and efficiency control can be achieved due to reduction in cost and time.

All series Clothes Can be saved in one file. It is easy to manage the product development. The series style can be shown automatically and dynamically. It is a fast and direct way to show your ideas to your customers.

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