Pendulum Dowsing

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Unit 1: Definition

  • Understanding Pendulum Dowsing

Unit 2: History

  • History of Pendulum Dowsing , Science or Art?

Unit 3: Methodology

  • Methods and process to use Pendulum and types of Pendulum.

Unit 4: Need of Pendulum Dowsing

  • How Dowsing Works

Unit 5: Application of Dowsing

  • Finding Positive and Negative energy of a particular place
  • Finding lost person or articles Knowing Graha Position from Horoscope.
  • Finding Minerals and water from earth

Unit 6: Learning Pendulum

  • Initiation of Agya-Chakra
  • How to give command and ask questions.
  • Decoding of code for understanding answers.
  • Various usage of Pendulum Dowsing
  • Preparation of charts for various use.