-> 16/02/2021
This Valentine’s Day: Give your Heart to SURAT!
“Keep your city clean and green for the future generations to be seen!”
We always appreciate good things but fail to reciprocate, like when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, we turn into best orators and tend to be the best critics of our city; but how many of us truly make an effort to clean our surrounds or have stopped people from spreading dirt? 
This valentine’s day, IDT urges Surtis to acknowledge their social responsibilities towards their city.
Through their masterpieces, designed exclusively using non-biodegradable waste (straws, plastic pipes, spoons, plates, CDs, etc.), by the students of fashion design, IDT wants to promote Reuse and Recycle as two magical mantras in developing cleaner surroundings.
"This Institute is much better as compared other U.I.D & S.I.D Colleges with detailed study & adequate knowledge.Exciting site visits & working pattern.The Faculty here is also very helpful..!!"....
Name : Harsh Patel
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